Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Veld's Eye Magic

Abracadabra, Alakazaam, what ever magical expression you like, this product is pure magic.  I picked it up on a recent visit to Italy and have been using and loving it everyday! It is a product out of France with two main ingredients. First, it has Rooibos (pronounced roybus) a red bush plant from South Africa which contains loads of antioxidants. The second ingredient is Haloxyl which is said to reduce the blood pigments which causes dark under eye circles and is an anti-inflammatory. Veld's is named after the grasslands area in South Africa called "The Veld". Rooibus, or red bush, is also available in tea form and is said to be better liked, and tolerated, than green tea. It is a one size fits all, only available in one color, goes on like a dream and makes all the my under eye problems "disappear" POOF!  Now if I could only snap my fingers say the magic words and lose 10 pounds :D