Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paint Brushes vs. Makeup Brushes

  So there I was standing in my kitchen holding one of my water color paint brushes (a 1" flat wash brush to be precise) when I absentmindedly started stroking it on my face. Now, before you picture me with a face full of paint, although that would be funny, the brush was clean. I was amazed at how soft it was and couldn't help thinking it would be a great makeup brush. Actually, I used it for my foundation application the next morning and it was fabulous.  I'm sure you can guess where I went the next day, Michael's Craft store (bonus point, it was right next door to an Ulta store) and picked out 5 brushes.  FIVE brushes totaling $47.95. The brushes are made by Loew-Cornell & Robert Simmons and are amazingly a great dupe for the Sigma and MAC brushes at a fraction of the cost.
For example, the Robert Simmons S57 angle brush, which I bought for $6.99, is a great dupe for the MAC 266 which retails for $19.50.
Robert Simmons S57

I've started to use the brushes and truthfully can't find anything negative to say. Appearance, yes, the brushes I chose have white tips. Performance, no, they performed as well.  I'm sold. I'm saving my money for more makeup and heading back to Michaels to check out more brushes.
(The LC Maxine 1/4" is a dupe for the MAC 228. The LC XXL round is a dupe for the MAC 150 . The LC Maxine Mop 3/8" is a dupe for the MAC 239. Hmm, maybe the MAC's are dupes for the LC's?)


  1. Great find!! I have seen a few people on YT mention these brushes in the past. All mentions of them were good. I don't think they are available in the UK though:(

  2. The most important info I have learned from you-tube videos is that having the right tools (brushes) make such a difference in make-up application. I too, have found a few brushes at art supply shops that work just as well as cosmetic company brushes for a fraction of the price. Thanks for your blog and videos for us wise women of a certain age :).