Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clarisonic Mia

Hi Everyone,

After I posted my "Never Have I Ever" video, which included never trying a Clarisonic, I got several "Why Not?" responses. Why not indeed? I had heard so many raving reviews and clearly needed to check it out for myself. I spent some time reading about the different choices, looked up other reviews and settled on the Clarisonic Mia. The Mia is the baby sister of the popular Clarisonic Face brush. It comes with only one cleaning head and is designed for sensitive skin. While advertised to be used with their own cleansing products, I decided that one new product on my face at a time was enough and opted to use my own daily wash. Okay, I'm hooked. I love how it leaves my face feeling so smooth and soft. I also love how my other skin care products seem to be absorbed into my skin faster and more evenly. I did read several negative reviews and have concluded that those reviewers may have been making the following mistakes. First, don't initially use their cleanser, you are introducing two new products to your skin at once and your skin needs time to adapt to the machine first. Second, don't press the Clarisonic into your face, it is designed to do the work for you and you just have to hold it to your face and let it do it's magic. Next, don't use it longer than recommended. The Mia is set to run for one minute and that is definately enough time. Lastly, don't use it every day or twice a day to start. Always give your skin a chance to adapt to any new products, electric or liquid. I'm glad I put it on my "Never Have I Ever" video and I'm glad everyone asked "Why?" Now on to check out what else should come off of that list!

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