Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dry Skin Saver- Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly

Hi Everyone,

I absolutely love this product. Never a fan of Vaseline, I was so happy to find this alternative. Did you know that the raw material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1859 in Pennsylvania on one of the country's first oil rigs? Yech!  I always wondered why the product couldn't be made without the oil and "Voila" I found Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly. This does everything Vaseline does, and in my opinion, does it better. It is made from only pure oils and natural waxes. Best of all it's CHEAP! It does everything too. It moisturizes your skin, prevents chafing and windburn, will remove eye make-up and, of course, is great for dry skin. (Okay, it's good for babies bottoms too, but this is a beauty blog). Oh, and throw it over your favorite lipstick instead of lipgloss for a beautiful look and soft conditioned lips.Have I convinced you yet to give it a try? I hope so. :D

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